Blog Guilt

My friend told me today about a phenomenon called "blog guilt." If I understood her correctly, it's feeling guilty about not writing more in one's blog.

I haven't had blog guilt for a while, because in my mind, over the past few years, I've merely transferred my written communications to Facebook, where my friends and family comment lovingly and I don't have to achieve the polish that I (and, perhaps, you) expect of my blog posts. Indeed, Facebook has turned out to be the perfect place for me to share my little spontaneous musings about life and cute photos of my kids that once made up most of my blog posts.

But I am a professional writer, and the blog guilt was bound to kick in sooner or later. When you only login to your blog to change your password because your Zappos account got hacked, maybe that should cause a little guilt. Or if you haven't loaded your site in almost a year except for that one time you had to fiddle with the DNS settings, perhaps a twinge of guilt over the blog's stale and neglected state is fair. And if you've ever told someone you were working on a blog post only to forget about it and then when you saw that person weeks or even months later, you avoided the topic because you knew they knew that you knew that they knew you didn't ever write the damn post, then perhaps what you are feeling is some perfectly legitimate blog guilt.

Blog guilt is horrible. And tonight it comes to an end.*

 *  This post brought to you courtesy of another post, one that is hilarious but rambling and occasionally incoherent and still doesn't have a good ending and is taking forever to edit into even self-publishable condition. That post is sitting here behind the curtain, waiting very patiently in that blog purgatory known as "Drafts," and will be published soon. Until then, at least it can inspire other posts, and thereby help this writer avoid further bouts of blog guilt.