Unplanned Obsolescence

My neglect of this blog hasn't been intentional. Sure, I've been busy having a baby, losing my job, and watching every episode of the various Real Housewives series. But my lack of writing here hasn't been for a lack of interest or mental awareness. Instead, I've noticed that the vast majority of my bloggable ideas tend to get forgotten before I have the wherewithal to write them down, and the ones that seem noteworthy enough to put into words end up fitting much more easily on...

Facebook and/or Twitter.

Yup. I know this is no great revelation to bloggers or readers. These blip-oriented sites where you can just blurt out what you're thinking with little elaboration, contemplation, or editing have ended up usurping all my writing. They've satisfied my need to express myself. They've made my blog obsolete despite my best intentions to keep writing.

Now, I am wise enough not to go making vast pronouncements and promises about abandoning or recommitting to this blog and its essay/prose format. Making resolutions like that almost guarantees one will fail to fulfill them. (Self-unfulfilling prophesies?) But I would like to at least acknowledge that my blog exists, if only to remind myself that I've written some decent stuff here, and that for most of my life, I wouldn't have considered true "writing" anything less than this sort of entry. Formulating complete sentences and developed paragraphs is a different exercise than Facebook's self-referential status updates (which I do love) and Twitter's truly ephemeral tweets (which I'm learning to appreciate). If I'm a writer, I should be writing here.

Just don't expect too much. As the baby starts to cry and I struggle to compose a tidy concluding sentence/paragraph before having to go pick him up, I'm reminded why the convenience of FB/Twitter made my blog obsolete in the first place. It may have been unplanned, but it is certainly not inexplicable.

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Jeremy said...

I think you put into words why I don't blog anymore better than I could have. 2 years of my life were out there on Xanga, then another couple on Myspace, then came Facebook where I was reluctant to put such thoughts up as notes. And if I had any urge left to expand upon my daily thoughts, the sudden explosion of Twitter early last year ensured I'd keep it all short and sweet from here on out. Kudos for anything you do post. Though my only excuse at this point would be laziness hehe.