That stands for November Non-Blogging Month... I can't believe there was a time when I blogged every day in November. Now it's an accomplishment to blog every month! And though I don't think this really counts as a post (I have a few topics I really want to cover but just haven't had time!), I'm hoping it'll at least get my editorial juices flowing again.

I'm busily gearing up for Thanksgiving, which I'll be hosting again this year at my house. It's going to be a potluck and gamefest with family, friends, and Beatles Rock Band. We might also break out New Super Mario Bros. Wii, though since Shoe will be in attendance, it might turn too competitive. We'll see. I've only recently checked the game out, and I will say that playing cooperatively is really fun--I love how you can bubble yourself out of tough spots, as long as you're playing with a more skilled friend. I haven't gotten to a point yet where I've needed to use the hand-holding Super Guide, though I am really curious how that will work out. I accidentally played a level in Uncharted 2 on their Super Easy mode, and I was shocked how they sort of shuttle you forward if you fail in any way. Very jarring for an experienced gamer--I wonder if this actually attracted many non-gamers into Uncharted.

Oh, and in other news: I'm pregnant again! This is kind of a weird venue for that news announcement, but nowadays, what really is the best way to share such info? I'm due in February and looking forward to it, though if I think I'm busy now, I shudder to think what awaits me then. So let's not think about it and instead just try to enjoy this moment of quiet and calm when I actually managed to blurt out a few words to the world.

Now, on to Mass Effect! I'm replaying it to get a character ready for import into the next game (I never played the original on retail because I reviewed it). I'm hoping they let you change your character's looks though--I really don't like my current incarnation of Ms. Shepard.


Jason Galm said...

OMG CONGRATS ON HAVING ANOTHER KID!! Do you know if it is gonna be boy or a girl?

Elizabeth said...


Mark said...

Congratulations Jennifer!

Jon said...

Congratulations! I don't know you! But I loved (and agree with) your review of Wii Music!

Anonymous said...

Many blessings on this wonderful news