Too much!

Lately there has been a LOT going on in my life, more than I can talk about openly, and more than I think I've ever experienced all at once. Every time I think things are settling down, a new wrench gets tossed my way (I even have mysterious bruises that are possibly evidence of these "wrenches"). Not all of it involves just me, which is why I really can't share details, but I hope it explains just a little bit why I haven't been writing much of substance here. I've also realized how difficult it is to use the social networking sites to express one's true feelings. Facebook really needs to add a "share only with the people who won't judge you when you say you are depressed or stressed or feel like crap" button.

But anyway, it's been a while since I wrote, and I just felt like putting something -- any words, really -- out there. And I'll leave you with this very important Bill Moyers' piece about the health insurance industry -- just watch the first few minutes for a reminder of why reform is necessary. In this economy, I hope more and more people are realizing how very precarious employer-based health insurance is.