On <3 and Animal Crossing

I've been playing this game against my will lately. My niece and nephew adore it, so I've sort of been peer-pressured into playing it on Alex's behalf. He's not quite old enough to play it on his own, but he is old enough to appreciate it and understand that he and his cousins can play it "together" online, visiting each other's towns and such.

We all know the <3 emoticon denotes love. What's the opposite of that?

See, I've played the previous Animal Crossings, on Gamecube and DS, pretty extensively. I've already paid off multiple mortgages to Tom Nook and filled numerous museums with dinosaur bones. I've shaken trees and conversed with town inhabitants ad nauseum. Even the hottest show in town, KK Whatever-his-name-is on Saturday night, got boring years ago. So this third time around, enduring all of Animal Crossings odd quirks (the endless dialogues, the not-quite-exact enough controls, the lack of new content or gameplay) doesn't feel quite as rewarding or enchanting as it was, especially, the first time around.

The game makes you pay a steep price -- especially if you want to go online. I knew about friend codes, so I was expecting that part. I wasn't prepared for the fact that, before you can even get your damned friend code, you need to complete your first round of odd jobs for America's favorite predatory lender Tom Nook (which happens to involve having lengthy conversations with every bleepin' animal in town). Then, once you have all the friend codes (and every human player needs his/her own code -- fun fun fun!), you have to be online simultaneously, with your gate open (a setting which requires a save and restart to change) and Wi-Fi firewall settings fixed just so. For some reason, I had a ludicrous notion that I'd be able to mail letters to another friend's town, but I couldn't get that to work. I mean, there's absolutely no way in hell you are ever getting Animal Crossing set up online without also having to be on speakerphone with the people you are trying to contact, which just seems ridiculous. What's the opposite of <3 again?

But when we finally succeeded, and Alex's cousin made her first exuberant foray from Pretty town into Gearland -- with Wii Speak enabled and everything! -- I've got to admit, this game that has frustrated me so, the game that has been shoveled from system to system with the most minimal of effort, became magical all over again. My ennui evaporated and I was full of <3!

I'd still like to know the other emoticon, though. Alex and I haven't even made our first mortgage payment to Nook, and given how he always gives us an earful even for the simplest transactions, things are bound to get ugly.


Carrie S said...

You can pay Oscar to level up for you, maybe. At least on the DS version, he has like a jillion bells and every model of every building in town, full museum, etc.

Arrow said...

Hate's such an ambiguous thing for emoticon usage compared to love with its easy heart symbol, but I always just use the angry face D:< one.

Sometimes it's just not angry enough for my purposes though, and I'm lost.

Dan said...

Hmmm, how about the tilt-your-head-right emoticon:


ryan said...

Just discovered your blog, and it's super awesome!
The closest emoticon for hate I can think of is "< / 3" (I had to space it out because silly comp thought that I was talking in HTML!), but that's more heartbroken I guess!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I believe that the opposite of <3 is, in fact, < / 3.

(A broken heart, it wouldn't let me post it without the spaces due to HTML or some such.)

My friends and I have been using it for a while now, surprised I haven't really seen it anywhere else, actually. Maybe we're the ones that made it up? I certainly don't remember seeing it anywhere.