Chocolate Snobbery

I never thought I had the potential to become a chocolate snob, because I'm really not much of a fan of dark chocolate, and everyone knows that dark chocolate is the finest chocolate and people who have fine tastes prefer dark chocolate. My husband is one of these people. He won't even eat Hershey's Kisses! I've always been pretty open-minded about chocolate, though I'm also not someone who really obsesses about it in any way. So I was very surprised the other day when, at a work function where I had access to a giant bowl of candy bars, I ate a Kit-Kat and found myself completely not enjoying it at all! The chocolate just tasted...weird -- synthetic almost. I need to dig a little deeper to find out if they changed their formula or ingredients. I mean, Kit-Kat has always been one of my faves -- I'm fine not being a chocolate "snob," per se, but I'd hate to think that for most of my life I had genuinely bad taste!


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The ever awesome Greg Orlando (formerly of Xbox Nation and Daily Radar) sent me this link. It's lovely....