No. I'm not psychic.

My farewell bio happened to be in what now turns out to be the final EGM. It was just a coincidence, and a sad one at that. We all knew something like this was coming, but I'm not sure anyone realized how extensive the purge would be. I can't sugar-coat it and say this is great for anyone.... just how sad I am for so many people, and that at some point things will all turn out to have happened for the best. Life is just like that.

Update: I know everyone already reads Jeff Green's awesome blog but just in case you don't, this post is worth a gander. While I disagree with a couple of his comments, he's got an extremely enlightening take and one that any true fan of EGM, 1UP, or GFW/CGW will appreciate.


Cody Winn said...

It's still hard trying to process all of this, and I'm just a community member. I can't imagine how hard it is for all of the staff that have been let go. Such a sad day, for games journalism and just a sad in general.

Anonymous said...

That is insane. Just heard about EGM being shut down. Really sucks, I've been a reader for so long. I was thinking about renewing my subscription too, but instead I opted to just buy the Jan issue. Who knew it would be the last issue.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. One of the biggest mags out there, simply shut down. Insane.

I was starting to worry when Dan Hsu and Crispin Boyer left. This doesn't come that unexpected.

I will miss you all guys, you made an incredible team, and the quality hurt of EGM was noticed since the team separated.

I wish you all luck. You must know you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine my post college gaming life without 1up and EGM.

My interest in games grew because of you guys. I would listen to all the podcasts everyday at work. I spent the better part of 2008 renovating my first home while playing 1up podcasts in the background. Since moving into my new house, I would walk to work listening to these shows.

Like NintendoTheory, I'm just a community member, but with so many of these people losing their jobs, I feel like I lost something too.

I've been reading EGM since Junior High, a 1up member since 2004, and a podcast listener since 2006. It's hard to picture gaming without you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed. I had a feeling something was amiss when I first heard rumors of Ziff Davis' large amount of outstanding debt. I noticed the magazine made major changes the last few years, but when Shoe and Crispin left, I knew something was going on. Then next Jennifer and a couple other former EGMers left. Finally, this outrageous event happens. I really hope we can get more independent minded game sites out like giantbomb. IGN is the only big game site I currently like, and even they have their fair share of issues, especially their RPG reviews.

I'll really miss EGM and 1UP, and I guess I'll just have to look at giantbomb and 1up. Maybe I'll look at Kotaku and Joystiq as well. I'm considering looking at Game Pro or Game Informer, but I am wary of the credibility of those magazines.

Anyway everyone will be missed, and it was good you got out when you did Jennifer. I read EGM for 11 years, so this is a major change for me, as well as the other readers and editors who were affected. I hope everyone finds better jobs soon.

Justin said...

While I really am saddened by the closing of EGM. However, I am glad to know that you, Jeff, Dan, Crispin, Shawn & Shaun (sp?) got out before all this.

It still makes zero sense to me to close down a well known franchise with a large customer base, that has been around for almost 20 years.

The Letter D said...

I always looked forward to the EGM. I've bought every issue since the 360 came out, but used to buy it regularly in the Dreamcast/PS2/XBOX heydey.

Nothing like an actual magazine to read in bed on the gym or wherever.

The Letter D said...

My own personal inconvenience aside, I feel for the staff. I know what it's like to have the rug pulled out from under you.

bluemanrule said...

Congratulations on moving on to Sega. That's a good company and Platinum games really looks to elevate that company this year.

It really hurt me to hear about 1up and EGM. I'm sure the talent over there will land somewhere.

Maxxipoo! said...

...a REAL friend would tell us what comments you disagree with in the Green blog...ok, don't, but don't get angry if i make up my own rumors in my head and keep them to myself...

Jennifer said...

Thanks to everyone for the really nice words. I'm incredibly saddened, and last week was really, REALLY tough for me even though I had exited at the right moment. It's very true that things had been going wrong for some time, but to have things happen with such finality just hurt. Even though I'd grown close to a few of the "survivors" at 1UP (shout out to Tina & Alice!), I feel like I barely know the place with so many of my peeps now vacated with such extreme prejudice.

Sorry I can't go into more detail about Jeff's blog, but I just don't want to get into it here. I still want more people to read it, natch :)

I hope you'll all carry on listening to the new podcasts and reading the new blogs, and thanks again for the amazing support you've given 1UP and EGM over the years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the like to Mr. Green's blog, i have looking for it.

Unknown said...

I just contacted "egm," wondering where my February issue was. The response said the magazine had ceased publication. I started subscribing way back when I bought my PS2.

Like yourself, Jennifer, I have a little one at home (she's now 2) and EGM was one of the few things I've had time to sit down and actually read.

I was sad to see you leave the magazine, but I'm really disappointed EGM is gone.