Thanksgiving Catering from Bi-Rite

Ever since before Thanksgiving, I've felt insanely busy so I'm only now getting to write about the holiday. I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, with family visiting and also Crispin and Shoe and their partners. You'd think we'd have done at least a bit of gaming, but neither my planned Rock Band session nor the awesome board game 25 Words or Less ended up happening. We did have a kids table, though. I think Crispin and Shoe both kinda wanted to sit there, but it was occupied by real kids.

I got the food catered from a very beloved local market, Bi-Rite. I was really happy with the oven-roasted Diestel Ranch turkey, which was cooked to perfection and only needed reheating. Their garlic mashed potatoes beat mine easily (we had two versions because I hadn't realized we'd ordered some). I'd probably rate their wild mushroom bread stuffing and wild mushroom & Zinfandel gravy a 6.5 on the old EGM scale (in other words: Fine, but not something you get really excited about, while actually lacking a few key ingredients that would have made it good). And while their butternut squash soup with fresh sage was really good, I wasn't even able to serve it with the Thanksgiving meal, because adding soup bowls to the table settings would have just been too difficult. The best dish, in my opinion, was the roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts with meyer lemon butter. Which is a line, I think, that if my brussel-sprout-loathing childhood self had read, she would have been terribly disappointed in what she would eventually grow up into. But to my childhood self, all I can tell you is that as long as you demand fresh, locally grown brussel sprouts prepared in a simple, classic manner that highlights their distinctive flavors, you'll probably never have to eat them, because your parents will be freaked out at your apparent early-onset food snobbery. The menu also included a cranberry and honey-tangerine relish, which sounds good but I somehow forgot to try.

The other thing I thought was a bit weird about their menu was how they delivered it in tons and tons and tons of plastic containers, which made it a pain to transfer to serving dishes and heat up (and seemed environmentally rather negligent). But I hope other people who ordered the catering realized, as we did, that the Bi-Rite containers made perfect to-go packages for departing guests.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

(Ramah packaged them up smashingly in her inimitable way.... I really wish I had sent home more of those little containers with her and the human food-vac, Crispin Boyer.)

We also had a plethora of pies and cakes.

Thanksgiving 2008
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And though our pies came from all kinds of fancy bakeries and stores (including Bi-Rite and Mission Pie), I can say that in blind side-by-side taste tests, the scrumptious (and gigantic) Costco pies won unanimously in both the apple and pumpkin categories.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Now THAT'S a Thanksgiving dinner! How many guests did you have for all that food?

Hope You have enough time to enjoy the holidays. 10 days till Christmas, and I'm only getting that Christmas feeling now. I need to listen to the Nat King Cole Album and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol a few more times to really feel the spirit. haha...

Merry Christmas

The Letter D said...

I'm sorry I'm late to the party. I've been a fan of your work on EGM and am personally sorry to see you move on, but happy for you for the great opportunity.

Any, I dig the blog.

Best of luck.


stiill said...

Ha. I love the brussel sprout writeup.

Lots of stores sell pre-made Thanksgiving dinners, and most of them are terrible. Good to hear Bi-Rite worked.

Also, I have to type in captcha when logged in?

Also 2, I get an email to notify me of my OWN comment?

Could you please fix Blogger? Thanks. :)

Jennifer said...

I think we had 10 adults and 3 kids, and something like 12 pies and cakes.

Thanks for the nice words, Letter D!

And no, I can't fix Blogger. I didn't realize they emailed you your own comment. Lame!