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Vill-Con Pix
Photo courtesy of Matt and Ruth and their awesome green-screen Halloween pic project

Wow. I got lucky this year on the whole kid's Halloween costume thing. The past two years, I've been able to find, quite nonchalantly and almost accidentally, pretty awesome get-ups for Alex at the extreme last minute. I usually shop at this store that has really great kids costumes, and I guess I thought the third time would be a charm; even though I was shopping even later than usual, I hoped to repeat the feat this October 30.

But it was not to be. The place had, like, three costumes left, not in the right size and a bit too girly for my little man. (Yeah, we're in San Francisco, but I think he's still too young for cross-dressing. Call me old-fashioned.) I tried not to panic, but I started to get really mad at myself for leaving so little time for shopping. The stakes get higher, after all, the older a kid gets. During the infant years, costumes are largely optional and mostly for the benefit of the parents. But toddler Alex had a Halloween playdate scheduled with his cousins, and I knew they would both have great outfits. Plus, Aunt Mary is a wonderful photographer and I seriously felt like the president of the RNC trying to get Sarah Palin ready for the photo opp of a lifetime.

After about 15 minutes of frantic rushing around, looking high and low for strategic items that could be fashioned into something resembling anything, I ended up at the 8th Circle of Halloween Hell, the Target Clearance Aisle. (The SPIRIT Halloween Store is the 9th Circle, in case you were wondering.) The place had been gutted; three shopping carts overflowed with sad remainders of formerly two- and three-piece sets. Desperate shoppers shambled about, arguing over a pair of tattered Capt. Jack Sparrow pants here, a princess tiara there. Compounding the confusion was the fact that half the costumes were actually for dogs. (I'll admit, I considered getting Alex a doggy lobster suit, but I just didn't think it would be big enough.)

And then, glimmering in a pile of detritus, I saw it: a Yoda costume in Alex's size. Sure, it was missing a crucial component, as in, the...Yoda part (someone must have snagged the mask). But I didn't care.


I mean, Yoda's so, y'know, been-there, done-that anyway... "F- Yoda," I thought as I madly zipped over to the Star Wars aisle in the toys section and grabbed a blue lightsaber. My little Padawan would definitely choose the light side path. The costume was complete, during normal business hours no less.

I gotta be honest, though. The brush with mommy failure made me completely forgive my mom for the Halloween pictured below.

Historic Halloween

I'd always wondered what was going on with my get-up in this picture (though isn't my brother the Empire State Building amazing?). Now I totally understand.


Anonymous said...

Thank god I actually got up the energy to take a picture! Now if I only knew the magic bribe to make Alex smile...

The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt said...

See, as a European I had no clue Halloween had so much going into it.

Awesome work : D

I do try to find something I would go as if I had a Halloween party to go to. Quite brave of me seeing as I have a fear of putting on costumes ever since I had a that costume related incident at the age of 6.. I went down the streat dressed up as Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa) in the middle of summer. Not the smartest move perhaps. I should have seen the teasing coming from a mile away.

Jennifer said...

The pix were nice, Mary, but I have no clue how to get A. to smile.

TMWAE: My own costume was pretty low-impact... Some years you have a good one; others, you throw something crappy together to show you at least tried :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet. I dressed up as ol' Mister Rogers. Everywhere I went, I did the whole "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" song, complete with the changing of sweaters and shoes. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. The post office, the grocery store, etc.

Jon said...

Soooo glad I don't have anymore siblings to go through that anymore!

I had the easiest costume ever: pair of jeans, mooby's employee shirt unbuttoned over a normal t-shirt, and a backwards hat.

...of course only cool enough people can recognize the character.

The Moons said...

Thanks for a good laugh! Love the vintage photo of you and your bro.
Hope all is well!