My last bio! (Review Crew Spoiler Alert!)

My farewell EGM Review Crew bio recently went to the printers, and since it was my last one, I feel like I can pull back the curtain a bit FOR THE FIRST TIME. (I know, totally overdramatic there, but what can I say? I had dinner at a one-Michelin-star establishment this evening and I'm feeling giddy.)

See, every time my picture appeared in print, it caused me a bit of...anxiety? excitement? perplexedness? I wanted not to care, but it was so very hard not to care. I mean, multiple hundreds of thousands of these pictures were being printed, and for many of our readers, that bio was the only chance they had to connect a name beside a review score to an actual human face. And dammit, I wanted that face to look good. (Or at least I wanted it to represent who I actually was that particular month.)

So I pretty consistently -- for 6+ years -- put a significant effort into my bio pictures. I don't think this was that unusual, though I may be the only one man enough to admit it. Some of the guys were very mellow about it. Others were as fussy as I. But almost everyone had to do at least one or two takes. Even Dan "Shoe" Hsu, the king of devising the perfectly complementary pose that worked ever-so-harmoniously with his bio text, often had to do a couple of takes. (Also, while I'm at it, why not give props to various photographers over the years. Mike Cruz, Demian Linn, Joy Fremont, my husband, and many others who pinch-hit month to month...it ain't easy being the one responsible for capturing the Review Crew's mugs and I always appreciated those people who were patient with my many many takes. And our wonderful art director Mo always made sure to color-correct everything so that everyone's skin looked easy, breezy, and beautiful. And hell, while I'm giving props, why not mention Crispin Boyer, my go-to guy for putting in the funny. And Mark MacDonald, whose SOCOM-themed bio in my early days really...well, as you can see, once I start giving props, it's hard to stop, so I'll just cut it out now.)

But my final bio really took the...cake. Literally! I mean this one required multiple props, staging, creative and art direction, and, perhaps most importantly, America's Next Top Modelesque posing. I ended up with several options, and picking which one to go with was pretty tough. Did I make the right choice? YOU BE THE JUDGE.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the pictures all look great. It really would be a tough decision to pick which ones wouldn't be used. I say you should go for one of the eating pictures.

As for putting a lot of effort in bio pictures, I know how that feels. I used to wear braces so when my column picture went up on our school newspaper, the staff Photoshop my braces so there wouldn't be any on my picture.

Unknown said...

2 is the best composed (the image forms a triangle and has good balance), but 4 is the most interesting. I would guess any one but 2 would have the figure too small to fit on the tiny pics in the magazine. 4 is the best because I can't believe you managed to eat such a large piece! Again, your head is a little far from the cake to make the image work in a magazine. I think if you crop the negative space from the top, and make the image really wide, that one would look even more awesome.

Have fun at the new job Super Jenn.

Justin said...

Well, compared to Dan's evaluation mines like reading the worlds most horrible game review.

I really like the "eating 1", cause you have a big ol smile on your face.

..I give my comment a C-

Unknown said...

I give these comments an A+. JKY, I think your comment is straight and to the point. Also, breaking up your points with white space makes the text more approachable and easy to read. :)

Anonymous said...

The most "Top-Model" looking picture is definitely #2. The funniest one is the last one with the half eaten cake being stuffed down.

Sarah said...

Are these photos meant to show that you will finally be having your cake and eating it, too? I think you really smiled with your eyes here (heh) and I like how the red of your lipstick pops against the strawberries. I vote for "Eating 4" because you are CHOMPING that slice and it is cute and adorable!! But all the set-up shots are cute, too. That little grin.

Anonymous said...

Candle 2 has a natural look and a certain sweetness not found in the other pictures.

Hope the cake was good.

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone for the votes. The sad part is after I ate that cake I got really really sick. (I don't think the cake was to blame though... my whole family had the flu!)

When I get the latest EGM I will reveal which one I picked! (Or readers can see it for themselves :)

Justin said...

Thank you Dan for your glowing review of my comment. As per our agreement, your Blue Ray complete box set of Naruto is in the mail!