In-Flight Entertainment

Flying in the post-9/11 environment is no fun, but one way it has gotten seriously, noticeably better is with all the entertainment options now available to fliers -- and I can't quite express how annoying it is that all these cool diversions became available after I had kids. I can’t enjoy any of them!

Downloading whole TV shows off iTunes or Hulu and watching them on your laptop, which happens to be fully powered by your personal seat outlet? It's amazing! I could be catching up on, oh I don't know, Arrested Development or season 2 of The Wire (though I've watched the rest of The Wire, that's the year I kept nodding off in the middle of the show). Or gorging on VH1's reality TV shows, movies on demand, and the latest pop sensations through my in-seat entertainment center. (I flew Virgin America.) To say nothing of all the portable video-game treats available these days. (Donahoe and Mike Cruz have convinced me it's time to play Phoenix Wright parts 2 & 3.)

But guess what I got to "enjoy" during my recent 5 1/2 hour flight from SFO to JFK?

OSWALD. OSWALD. AND MORE OSWALD. (Or, as Alex says it, "WA WA!!!") Here's the description that comes up for that web page in Google: "Oswald's a decent sort of fellow. A thoughtful guy. A good friend. Never mind his eight arms or his bright blue colour - Oswald is just like you!"

Yup, after watching 16 episodes straight of Oswald on the flight, I can tell you in great detail what a decent, thoughtful fellow this wholesome blue octopus is. (But for your sake, I won't share. "Decent" doesn't exactly mean "interesting.") Oswald is so decent, you kinda wanna punch him (or worse), at times. Well, not really -- anything that keeps a kid happy on a long flight is magical. And I know I and everyone around me on the plane were pretty grateful for Oswald, the thoughtful octopus.

But I'd much rather have been watching Arrested Development.


Anonymous said...

I remember the one episode I watched of Oswald. Oswald and his Weenie needed to get "Three marshmallows. No more, no less" for his penguin friend. 15 minutes of him just getting these marshmallows.

I hated that show. At least Blue's Clues had people excited about what they were doing.

Arrow said...

I just flew to Los Angeles and back last month on Virgin America, and LORD was that awesome. I spent the trip there just playing PSP the whole time, but felt embarrassed when I came back from the bathroom to see literally every person on the plane using the entertainment system. So on the ride back to D.C., I made sure to listen to j-pop and watch Battlestar Galactica for a few hours.

Unknown said...

Oswald? I feel your pain. Seriously, I wouldn't watch that stuff with my niece in my living room...

that is unless she started crying. Then, she gets what she wants.

Unknown said...

and i haven't had to watch one moment of the 'decent little guy.' :)

The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt said...

Happy Big Banana day! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that writing session.

Writer 1: But changing the amount of Bananas would change the whole story.

Director: Yes, but if we make it one big banana it will be cheaper to animate. Make it one big banana.

Writer 2: But sir, on gigantic banana, that is pre-sliced when opened, it makes no sense.

Director: it doesn't have to make sense, it's just for kids. As long as there parents buy all the merchandise it's all good muwhahahaha.

*twirls his evil looking mustache*

Jennifer said...

I am surprised at how many of you are familiar with specific episodes of Oswald! I guess it doesn't take too many viewings to memorize the plot and dialogue.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are flying across the country with our 19-month-old tomorrow and I'm worried about keeping him entertained! He won't have his own seat since we were trying to be frugal, so it'll be 6 hours of lap sitting and us trying to keep him busy.

We did download a ton of children's podcasts and have a bag of new small toys and activities to hopefully keep him busy. I'm not sure if we downloaded any Oswald, but I'll look on iTunes tonight to see if there's a free video podcast.

Our main plan is to dress him super adorably, so even if he's annoying, at least he'll be CUTE and annoying.

mcruz927 said...

I don't know anything about Oswald, but I do know the last case of the second Phoenix Wright game is all kinds of awesome.

Jennifer said...

hope your flight went well Raroo!

Mike, I miss you guys!