OK, I know it's a little pathetic how Ziff Davis Alumni like to blog about how their new jobs offer such mad benefits as multiple flavors of tea and plastic spoons. But my new employer? Totally offers lots of tea, dozens of types of flavored coffee (the futuristic kind where you insert the pod and it makes whatever mixture you want), and spoons, forks, and all other manner of corporate-sponsored utensils. Pretty rad.

New York was awesome. I loved being in Rockefeller Center the night of the election. They had the electoral map projected on the ice skating rink, and whenever a state would be announced for Obama everyone would cheer. The weather was unseasonably warm, which gave the whole evening a more festive atmosphere. And when the actual announcement came projecting Obama for the win, people just started cheering out of every window, honking horns, dancing in the streets and smiling everywhere. It was really something special.

Amy and I took a bunch of pictures, and at first I just snapped a few mundane shots the way I would document any other event. But then I made us walk back and at least try to get some really good ones, because it was obvious that, one way or another, the night was going to be a real moment in history. I know our country and our political system face problems that run much deeper than the presidency, but I'm so happy that someone with such a diverse heritage, who is such a symbol of unity and hope for so many, has made it to the country's most powerful office, and with such dignity and character.

Plus, how completely awesome is it that we managed to elect someone, at this point in our history, whose name rhymes with Osama and whose middle name is Hussein? That alone tells you something about the changing face of this country.


TreyTable said...

Hussein wasn't a 'bad word' before President Obama came in to the public light, as you seem to imply. What about King Hussein of Jordan? During Operation Desert Storm the military and the press would not mention the name 'Hussein' alone, but when speaking of the enemy, it was 'Saddam Hussein' or just 'Saddam.'

Anonymous said...

Oswald the Octopus for President. 2012. BELIEVE.

P.S. We did a little tribute to you at the end of the latest 1upper's Podcast: linkthelegend2.1up.com

Jennifer said...

I certainly didn't mean to imply that "Hussein" was a bad word! More that historically Americans have shied away from presidential candidates with unusual or ethnic-sounding names. (This was a common observation when Dukakis was the Democratic candidate.) So for us to elect someone with a name that evokes even the slightest 9/11 or Iraq war connotations is, I think, I pretty wonderful statement that we are becoming more inclusive as a society.

Anonymous said...

Remember the time Ziff Davis took away the water cooler? And we had to drink from the tap that always produced water with, uh, stuff in it?

And remember the time we got six new executive vice presidents but didn't have enough money for plastic spoons and forks?

Those were some great days. Great days indeed.

Jennifer said...

hey Duck Hunter! I listened to the podcast. That's awesome that you and LinktheLegend2 (who by the way I had no idea had a Southern accent :) are doing your own thing, and thanks for the mention. Definitely AO-rated material though ;)