McCain's "Overhead Projector"

I was wondering about this. During the debate, McCain mentioned a $3 million "overhead projector" for a planetarium that Obama voted to fund -- using it as evidence of Obama's rampant Democratic spending and penchant for earmarks. Having recently seen the new planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences, I figured this expensive "overhead projector" must have been McCain's way of derogatorily and prejudicially labeling the cool and technologically sophisticated projectors like they have there, which can show the scale of the universe in rapturous detail. (I would have guessed they cost even more.) And as often happens with McCain's attacks on Obama, when you find out the truth, it ends up making Obama look rather good. And this is one of those cases! Read Why does John McCain hate planetariums?


Unknown said...

The reason he hates plane*ariums is once a global view of theappalacian mountians was fakes using a photos of his right cheek. Eversince then he votes down any funding for plan*arium projectors. Cruelworld we live in.

Anonymous said...

a little unfair don't you think. The argument against pork isn't that it always goes to bad causes.

Why should someone in florida fund a place they will never go to, especially if that person is poor. I'm a big Obama supporter but any politician that rants against u8nfari spending like that is okay with me.

TreyTable said...

I thought he McCain planetariums because he believes the Universe revolves around him.