Blog Silence

Considering just how difficult it's been for me to create legitimate, well composed blog posts lately, Twitter is starting to seem like not such a bad idea. But even as I say/think that, I can't get myself to sign up. Like MySpace, it is one of those sites I have resisted joining. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not at all averse to social networking or moderate Internet exhibitionism, but those sites, for some reason, have not called to me in any way, and in fact, I often wonder why they attract the users they do. Facebook and Friendster were sites I started using because Nick worked there. Friendster got boring pretty fast, while Facebook is so far still pretty fun for me (and has its own version of Twitter with status updates, which I enjoy, even if extremely sparingly). But I have been wishing I could blog a bit more often, mostly because I really do enjoy the process of writing, and one of my favorite things ever is to read over something I've written and edited until it is more or less how I like it.

I started out meaning for this to be a Twitteresque micropost and ended up with a full-fledged regular post. Perhaps that's the new secret: Aim very, very low.

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel - I love writing blog posts, opinions, reviews etc. But the time just slips away whenever I want to write. So I succumbed to twitter and I guess it helps to scratch that itch just enough to get by - try it out, it might just be the thing!