Community Supported Agriculture

We've decided to get fruits and vegetables delivered to us via a CSA (which stands for community supported agriculture) service. They provide home delivery of locally sourced fruits and vegetables. The selection in the Bay Area is pretty overwhelming--you have Capay Farm Fresh to You, Spud, Two Small Farms, and the one we chose Planet Organics, among others. They all seem to have pros and cons, but we chose that one mostly because I have a friend who already uses them and they are very happy with the selection. Plus, he always brings in awesome leftovers with an inspiring assortment of seasonal veggies. He and his girlfriend basically cook based on what shows up in the weekly box. So, we decided, along with our neighbors, to try it out and split the ingredients (since we're both on a budget and worried about ordering too much, then not using the stuff and having to toss it). We also figured it was a good time, since my mother-in-law is visiting for a month, and she's a great cook, and a vegetarian one to boot! Will report back on how it turns out!


Unknown said...

I hope it works well for you folks.

Anonymous said...

Yikes -published this comment to the wrong post! Sorry Jenn! Hope you publish this comment here and delete the other one...

Hi Jenn - I just found this post as I was looking for bloggers talking about CSA's. I don't want to contribute to comment spam, but I thought it would be worth it to comment here to let you know about a post I just wrote about giving a CSA membership as a gift. The link should be available in my signature above. Maybe readers of your post will be interested in learning a bit more about CSA's and some thoughts about how it could be a nice gift for someone.

Andy (aka GiftGuy)