Wonderful Lurkers

My call to lurkers in my last post had the laughable effect of seeming to invoke writer's block in most of my friends/readers. I've heard from several of them that they want to comment but haven't because they're...

...still thinking about the right answer (true overanalysts after my own heart)
...eager to help but haven't a clue where I should go on vacation
...unable to figure out how to login in order to leave a comment
...secretly enjoying watching me beg for comments and receive only one (OK, I made that one up)

It is nice, however, to hear from people in response to something I wrote here, and I don't mind if it's in the form of a text, IM, or (gasp) real-life conversation!

In other news, insomnia strikes again... Could it be the two-hour nap I took earlier today when I had a major headache?

1 comment:

Anna said...

here I am! commenting!

Of course, I have nothing of real value to say except: Hi! Hope you are doing well!

And then there's the overuse of exclamation points...