The state of our union

My mom has me watching Bill Moyers Journal now. They did a piece on Rep. Henry Waxman's committee to root out corruption in the government. I can't write much detail because, seriously, I can't even write blog posts at all lately, much less thoughtful, well researched ones. But what I'm learning watching this piece is that the state of our government under George W. Bush is even worse than I thought--and I already knew about how we're paying Blackwater billions to "accidentally" kill civilians in Iraq! So, I knew it was bad, but it's even worse! We're paying a company in Kuwait to build an American embassy there, and they're accused of kidnapping workers from the Phillippines and making them work without shoes. It's bad enough that these people are apparently being held without passports and were brought into the country under false pretenses, but to then not even give them shoes? And when the company, First Kuwaiti, is asked to explain these allegations in front of Waxman's committee, the company refuses to send a representative. And Condoleezza Rice pays lip service when asked why she's not looking into this, then it turns out her appointed Inspector General has a brother on the board of Blackwater, and when the Inspector General is called in front of Waxman's committee, he lies and says he didn't know his brother was on the board, but then when the committee basically exposes his lies and threatens to have him and his brother testify, he resigns from him post. And his name is Cookie, and is brother's name is Buzzy! You can't make this up! Nor would you want to! Because it would be too annoying!

I bet Condi has to take pills to help her sleep at night. I'd hope she does.

And I won't even get started on the missing e-mails. Oh, the missing e-mails. Waxman's holding a hearing about those on Feb. 15. Pay attention.

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Unknown said...

Yes, Bill Moyers Journal is Top Ten TV in my book.