Si jeunesse savait, si viellesse pouvait

Several years ago, I would look at older pictures and say, "I looked so thin! Oh, to be that thin again!" My mom would hear me say this and tell me in ten years I would look back at pictures of myself then and say, "I looked so young!"

As usual, she was right.

(I just looked at some honeymoon pix and got profoundly wistful. I won't post them!)


Elizabeth said...

I know the feeling. When we were moving I came across a photo from when Brian and I first started dating--it was taken the weekend he first took me home to meet his mom. We looked like such babies! Which, I guess we sort of were--not even old enough to buy a drink yet.

Thought of you last weekend. Next time we're up your way, maybe we can plan a playdate!

Carrie S said...

Just remember: Someday you'll also look back on the pictures of today and think how young you look!

Jennifer said...

yes, it's true... my dad also made a comment about how he would love to be 39 again, with his whole career ahead of him. I guess it's all about perspective!

elizabeth, let's definitely try to get the incredible climbing toddlers to meet someday :)