Media Blackout

I've always heard it's healthy to separate yourself from media for an extended period of time--tuning out TV, radio, and Internet. And while my laptop is in the shop, the effects of the writers' strike are still upon us, and a big gaming conference is in town (meaning lower email volume at work), I've come to realize that this is as close as I'm ever going to get to such a state. I'm having to use my desktop PC to write this blog post, for pete's sake! It's downright barbaric. It might as well be 1996.

What's interesting to me is that even that slightly reduced amount of media in my life has created all...this...space...for...thinking... Notice how I've actually been blogging? And like I said before, it's not like I'm any less busy. I'm definitely more busy this week than ever, owing to said gaming conference.

Summary: Maybe TV really is rotting my brain!

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Elizabeth said...

We spent the weekend in San Francisco and we didn't bring a computer with us. It was so awesome to not check email and just focus on the three of us.