So I've used the San Francisco Freecycle network a bunch, to get rid of specific items that I want to make sure go to someone who will actually want them (things like used electronics, our old Litter Robot, extra office supplies, and other stuff that might get lost in the Goodwill shuffle). But for other stuff, I have to admit I use the more lazy but amazingly effective "sidewalk freecycling." Today during our garage cleanout, I got rid of a hanging file folder cabinet, a lamp, and a small TV table. My husband, mom, and I started making bets on how long things would sit there before being claimed. We were surprised at how usually things didn't last minutes. (For freecyclers who may be reading this and getting incensed that I'm "dumping" stuff on the street, you can settle down: I fully intended to bring the items back in if they weren't collected by sundown... Luckily, I didn't need to!)

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