More Working Out (and Knitting!) Working Mom

Yesterday I felt so sore, but in that great way that comes from having exercised thoroughly. I tried to keep a good thing going by walking to this knitting class that I'm taking at Imagiknit, which is a 17-minute walk from my house. I walked briskly and felt fantastic, even though it was a very abbreviated session. (Better than nothing, as I'm finding myself saying more and more these days. BTN!)

Perhaps you are wondering how I have time for a knitting class when clearly I do not have time for exercise. Let me just say that even signing up for it was a huge inner struggle--was this really how I wanted to use up my extremely precious "me" time? My coworker Mo, who introduced me to the class, encouraged me, and her enthusiasm tends to be totally infectious. Plus, the class is only four sessions, so it's not exactly a huge commitment. It was hard leaving the house, having only seen Alex for about 45 minutes and hearing his desperate shrieks as he stuck his little chubby legs through the railing above the stairs, trying to come with me, screaming "Ma Ma Ma Ma!!" in that heartwrenching, tragic tone. But Tutu, the ultimate working mom, shooed me away and reminded me not to feel guilty. Off I went into the rainy, blustery San Francisco night.

The class was amazingly fun. The teacher is skilled, helpful, completely cool and also a bit silly. My classmates are really friendly, and the store is filled with gorgeous yarns and helpful people. After the first class, during which I realized that it had been almost TWENTY years since I last knit a stitch, I made at least half a hat out of a beautiful yarn in this very Trinny-and-Susanna-approved color: a deep, rich burgundy. It's soft and wonderful, and though I considered starting off by making a "gift" hat for someone in my life, when I saw the lovely yarn I thought, "Screw it, I'm makin' this hat for my bad self!" (It is "me" time, after all.)

Abandon hope, all ye who encounter me this holiday season. Chances are high you will walk away with a wooly hat.

Today, I didn't really exercise per se, but we did walk a few blocks to dinner. (BTN!) Walking home was extra cute because Alex pushed the stroller and we walked on either side of him. We let him set the pace, and he can walk surprisingly fast. It was darling. The only thing missing from the scene was...a wool hat!


Elizabeth said...

You should join Team In Training and walk a marathon.

stiill said...


Jennifer said...

BTN = Better Than Nothing

Elizabeth: I wish I could fathom doing Team in Training and a marathon, but right now it just seems impossible! Maybe after a few more months of small-scale exercise, it will feel like more realistic.

Carrie S said...

I LOVE the expression BTN!! And I agree with it.

Amy said...

Hey Jen
Can Cameron and I take a little credit for your dance-with-Alex inspired workout? :-) These days Cam wants me to hold him and dance; he seriously won't let me put him down for very long when the music is playing. So I try to use my core muscles and bend my knees, keeping my shoulders relaxed so I don't pull anything. And I'm glad to say that so far nothing hurts the next day.
Because hey, swaying at the hips and walking holding a 27-pound toddler is serious resistance training!

Jennifer said...

Yes, credit goes to Amy and Cameron! Though I don't think Alex is quite as active as Cam...yet. He hasn't discovered the laps around the living room :)