More Knitting, More Working Out, More Momming

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Quick update. Nick has started working out, and he's gotten me exercising on the weekends. Last weekend, we ran both days (during Alex's nap). It was hard. I felt horribly squat and out of shape. Exercise always feels great afterward, but running outside in the city makes the "during" particularly difficult.

When we don't have time to run during Alex's naps, we've been taking long walks around the neighborhood. Today we walked up an insanely steep Noe Valley hill, and we had to take turns pushing the stroller. I actually think I got a bit of an upper body workout doing this, so I feel pretty good. The weather has been mostly beautiful--sunny, crisp, and fresh. It's definitely fun for the whole family, especially when Alex wants to push the stroller, which is really cute.

Next up: early morning yoga with Tutu. There's a place right by here that has classes. I hope we can drag ourselves out of our warm beds to make it there sometime, because I'm sure it will feel great.

While I've continued knitting a ton, I haven't made as many hats as I'd anticipated. I'm practicing a lot and learning, so I end up knitting stuff and then unravelling it because it didn't turn out quite right. But it's fun and relaxing, and I have come up with two "gift" hats so far, so that's pretty good. (Luckily, most people I know are foregoing gifts this year, so there's not a ton of pressure for me to come up with too many thoughtful objects...)

Alex is now 15 months old. He's very much a toddler--running around all the time in his little Spider-Man sneakers that light up. He's got a bunch of molars and sleeps completely through the night about 80% of the time. Even though I've really loved every stage of mothering, and I have incredibly fond memories of his being a little blob of a newborn, I do have to admit that it's much easier now that he's more of an independent being. It's nice being able to go out without him, feed him normal food when we're out together, let him run around parks and playgrounds, and communicate with him and seeing obvious evidence of recognition. He's still such a charmer!


Anna said...

Cute picture of a very cute toddler :)

Good luck with working out. I can definitely relate. I worked out today for the first time in a LONG time... it was slightly pathetic, but I'm feeling good. Have fun with the yoga!

stiill said...

Yay, working out! Is Nick going to Live Fit?