Good Workouts for Real Working Moms?

(This post will double as my entry in the kinda-over-already Seven Songs Meme that Anna tagged me for some time ago!)

I have really been struggling lately to get in any sort of real exercise. I just don't have enough time in my day--can't work out during the workday, because I'm trying to get home as early as possible; can't work out before or after work unless it involves Alex, because those are the only times I get to spend with him; can't get in a real workout with Alex, especially in the winter when it's dark after work; can't drag myself out of bed when it's light before work in the morning and I, theoretically, could go for a walk with Alex; can't get motivated when I actually do have free time; and so on.

Today was the nadir. I felt so sedentary and downright unhealthy. I decided it was time for once and for all to get moving, under any circumstances. I got home, turned on the satellite radio channel on DirecTV, and started dancing with Alex. This was fun. Alex has started dancing when music comes on the radio or TV, and it's utterly darling. He really liked dancing with me, especially when I held his two hands. When I started doing squats and jumping with my arms high in the air, Alex got a huge kick out of that, and I really felt the "burn." I did lunges down our long hallway, which Alex also loved. I lifted the baby up high a couple times for an arm workout. In between the actual exercises, I ran in place or did jumping jacks to keep my heart rate elevated. When I was out of breath, I did downward dog or stretches. To cool down, I did some easy crunches, and Alex (though a bit bored with the whole dancing/working out thing by now) seemed to really enjoy crawling on my stomach and trying to give me a water bottle to drink from (which I appreciated).

My initial goal was to stay moving for 10 minutes (don't they always advise to start small? And 10 minutes would be better than 0 minutes). But because of a lucky streak in the music selection on Fred/Lucy (the "alternative" 80s/90s stations), I ended up staying moving for about 20 minutes and really worked up a sweat.

Here were the songs I made it through:

"Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry
"Love Song" by the Cure, extended mix
"Love Song" by the Cure, album single (I had changed channels)
"Message in a Bottle" by the Police
"Whammy Kiss" by the B-52's
"Kundalini Express" by Love and Rockets
"Twist" by Tones on Tail

I was so happy when "Whammy Kiss" came on, because that's just not a song you expect to hear on any radio station a) more that 500 watts and b) not run by someone you know. It was then that I felt like I could actually get a real workout, have Alex totally involved, and have it even be...gasp...fun.

I am going to try to chronicle my upcoming efforts to get beneficial exercise out in small, realistic ways. Maybe other stressed-out working moms can use the info to help themselves get a-moving.

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Anna said...

Sounds like a great way to exercise! It's so tough for me to add exercise into my schedule, but it sounds like you've found a nice way to do it. Yay, you! :)

And thanks for playing along with the meme!