Manhattan has been invaded!

By me and Alex!

We arrived yesterday safe and sound. The cross-country flight was amazing. I LOVE Virgin America. The check-in and boarding process was really, amazingly easy. (They saw I had a carseat to carry and effectively designated a flight attendant to wait with me carrying it while I was in line to board.) They also managed to clear a row for us in the back, and then they gave us a free meal. With all the positive vibes, it was no wonder Alex slept the first two hours of the flight, enabling me to enjoy Virgin's online entertainment service, RED, which has a very cool music selection. I built a playlist of 30 songs and snoozed as I listened to it until Alex woke up somewhere over Iowa. He was pretty good during the awake portion of the trip, too, with only occasional shrieks and wails. He slept in the cab ride to Manhattan, and then he and Cameron shared a room for the night. (Thanks Cam!)


stiill said...

Awesome-- have fun in NY!

We have yet to fly Virgin America, but I want to try it out.

Anna said...

I hope your trip went well! :)