Working Mom Advice Needed

How do you make time to work out? Before Alex, I used to work out at lunch, but now that I'm always eager to shorten my workday as much as possible, I can't conceive of spending an hour over lunch working out. In the morning, I already barely have time to get dressed, eat breakfast, and spend a little quality time with Alex, and I can't imagine fitting a workout in there, either. After Alex goes to bed, it's pretty late. I'm exhausted, and that's my only time to catch up on personal stuff...and as it is I'm already not clearing my to-do list. To try to squeeze in another to-do during that time period seems like it would just doom me to never catch up. I've tried taking Alex for walks in the morning or right after work, and while that's better than no physical activity, it doesn't give one the same physical satisfaction as a real aerobic workout. I don't know how many working moms actually read this blog, but I'm really dying to know if I stand any chance in hell of getting back into shape. If only exercise were as easy as blogging, I could do one mega-workout at midnight on Sunday and catch up for the whole week prior.


Carrie S said...

I can't find time to work out either. It's making me upset. And out of shape.

Cole said...

While I'm no working mom (just an avid gamer), I would try and just do a little here and there whenever you can. It's completely understandable that you'd have very little time to work out after having a kid (and especially while he's still so young!), so don't feel too bad.

Have you thought of maybe just trying to do a little bit before work, and a little bit at lunch? If you used to work out for an hour at lunch, what about a half an hour instead? Or trying to do it while the little one's around? It all depends on what you're doing (obviously lifting weights might not be a great idea with him around...but then again he might double as a weight!), but remember a little bit is better than nothing! :)