Patriot Sunday #1

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Nick has declared every Sunday during this football season "Patriot Sunday." We've all got New England Patriots (Tom Brady, #12, to be exact) jerseys that we're required to wear during the games. Last year at this time, Alex was still in the womb for the season opener. This year, he watched the first part and slept through the last hour. We had a great time. It helped that the Patriots seem unstoppable this year.

I can't believe Nick has turned me into a football fan. I actually knew why it was such a big deal for the Patriots to have snagged Randy Moss before I saw Moss catch a couple amazing passes today. Nick and I are even planning to play Madden NFL 08 together. We'll see how that goes; I wouldn't agree to it if I didn't already know that Nick's not all that great at Madden. I just wish he'd let me play the Pats, because they're supposedly hard to beat in the game, but he's not that much of a gentleman. He suggested I play the Colts!

As I watched Tom Brady play so seemingly effortlessly today, I kept thinking about how he himself has a new baby. His son was born on August 22nd. As he's no longer together with the mother, I wondered how much he's seeing of the little guy, and whether he's sharing in all that incredibly taxing newborn stuff...sleeplessness, confusion, fussiness (on the part of both baby and parent). I remember a year ago how I felt holding my newborn while watching the Patriots lose on Alex's first Sunday at home. Even though I get all teary-eyed thinking about that special, magical time in my life, today was much better--and not just because the Patriots beat the Jets, 38-14. No, their victory was incidental. I think the picture above says it all...

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What a great baby!