Worst Series Finale Ever

And since I'm catching up, let me mention that the BBC Footballers Wive$ finale was a terrible letdown. I'd been saving it on TiVo until I had time to really focus on it. I thought they would be bringing back lots of old faces and really doing the series justice. Not only did they not do this, they also managed to leave most of the major characters' stories hanging in these depressing, half-baked fizzles that at best could be interpreted as little morality tales. All the characters ended up, as Tutu put it, in "their own personal hells." Um, sorry...the show picked a weird time to suddenly introduce morality. Up until then, it had simply been a silly, over-the-top soap opera. It should have ended that way--with characters going out in luxurious, preposterous fantasy. The downfall of that show was Amber. They should never have let anyone bump Tanya Turner (played so stupendously by Zoe Lucker, whom I want to see more of in something, anything!) off center-stage. That's when the show started to lose it. The last season was pathetic--not even the return of Tanya/Zoe and Joan Collins could save it. There was a brief hint of touching elegy in the finale, when Tanya is reading the tabloid story about "the Curse of Earl's Park," but, man, was that a lazy way to cover the show's history without doing any real writing or production work. I guess they were just putting it out of its misery.

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