Back in my MTV days, we loved to have what we called "sightings." A sighting was when you saw, say, Iggy Pop in the elevator on your way back from lunch. At 1515 Broadway, the 52-story building in Times Square where MTV is headquartered, sightings most often happened in the elevators, because people spend a lot of time moving from floor to floor and elevator bank to elevator bank.

Over time, the term "sighting" gained other meanings. For example, if you worked on the 41st floor, and you saw a cute guy from 23 up on 41, that became a sighting. Meeting your friend for lunch at the Lodge (the somewhat infamous Viacom corporate cafeteria, located on 8) could be a sighting, and you would definitely have the opportunity for sightings on your way to and from lunch. Even going out on a Friday, running into a friend at a bar, was a sighting. Seeing anyone out of their "natural" environment was a huge sighting, celebrity or not.

Well, I had an exciting sighting the other day, but of the distinctly Silicon-Valley-internet-blogosphere-cum-reality kind. Shopping in Trader Joe's (of course), we were checking out. I looked over and saw a familiar face...wait, who...hm...OH! It's Kokochi! That's Tesla's mom!

The funny thing here is, I'd never actually met either Kokochi (whose real name is Mie), her daughter, or her husband, Dav. But I know them from her blog, which I found once on SFist. This was back when we were both pregnant, and I was very interested in reading about other people having babies in SF. I've really enjoyed reading about their adventures over the past year or so, especially as Tesla is a few months older than Alex, so I get a glimpse of what I can expect next, developmentally and life-wise.

I introduced myself (and Nick and Alex) a bit hesitantly. But she was completely friendly and mostly unfazed... Of course, she blogged about it too. She wrote in her blog that she had wanted to take a pic, and now I wish she had. First, it would have made our little encounter part of Kokochi, which would have been fun. But also, it would have made it an even more MAJOR sighting!

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