Mass-cara Effect

The publishing company I work for has a web site that creates a weekly video podcast called The 1UP Show. The editors are featured prominently on the show, talking about games and interviewing developers. I've appeared on the show several times, and I'll be honest that I'm usually pretty obsessive about slathering make-up all over my face before I consider myself ready for my "close-ups." I'm the same way with my photograph that appears monthly in the print magazine. I ask the photographer for take after take after take before I feel comfortable that we've got something usable. Then I beg our Art Director to adjust the color to make my complexion look smooth, my eyes sparkling, my teeth white. (It worked for Faith Hill, right?) The results aren't magnificent, but they make me feel better. I would definitely have called myself "high-maintenance."

Until recently. They wanted to shoot a segment on an upcoming game called Mass Effect, which I'm pretty knowledgeable about and excited for. I forgot all about it until 15 minutes beforehand, but that's not unusual. I keep a small make-up bag at work just for these occasions, and I usually pop into the bathroom to put my face on--nothing elaborate, just a little color on my lips and cheeks and some eyeliner to keep the sickly pall to a minimum. But this time I was too busy, too tired, and too indifferent to take that extra 5 minutes to do this. I figured, hey, what difference does it make? Plus, I thought, Kathleen (my coworker who produces the show) never puts makeup on for the show and she always looks great! And who watches these things anyway? It's just the Internet--who cares?

Then I find out that the video was linked to from a popular web site. And it got over a million views in, like, a matter of hours or something. And all the gamers in my life have been coming out of the woodwork to tell me they saw me! (This is the first I've heard from some of them in years....)

Now, I'm happy that the video did well. But did it have to be the first time I didn't wear make-up?

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Carrie S said...

That Mass Effect character's name should be spelled "Shepherd," don't you think?