Dog Missing in Mission District (FOUND!)

Somebody walked off with my mom's dog today while she was picking up a prescription at Walgreen's. This is so tragic and sad... Teddy was a part of our family, and he was Alex's best friend. He was a three-legged rat terrier who loved to eat food that Alex threw on the floor. He liked chasing Poupon, and he was just getting comfortable in his new home here in the Mission.

We posted these flyers around the neighborhood tonight, as well as filing reports with the police and the SPCA/Animal Care. It's hard not to have hope, even though the homeless guy who watched the whole thing happen told my mom she'd probably never see Teddy again. Without Teddy, the house feels empty even with three adults, a baby, and two cats.

The homeless guy may understand hopelessness, but it turns out, there was a reason I didn't want to give up: Teddy was turned into the SF Animal Shelter, and since we had reported him missing, they recognized him and called us! He's a little shaken up, but he's home safe and sound! We're so grateful. Alex laughed in his carseat all the way home (Teddy keeps him company in the backseat). We're all feeling very relieved.


Elizabeth said...

Poor Teddy! And your poor mom! I am thinking good thoughts for all of you and hoping for Teddy's return.

Anna said...

That is so sad! Teddy's so great.

Jennifer said...

thanks Elizabeth and Anna. We got really lucky, and Teddy's home.

Carrie S said...

I'm so glad he made it home!

Sarah Goss said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!!!!