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I'm gearing up for my first trip away from Alex. It's a business trip to Santa Monica for the new E3, and I'm completely freaking out. I'll be gone most of next week. I keep telling myself that I have to go for Alex's sake. Think how upset he'd be in a few years if he found out I skipped out a chance to attend Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft's biggest press conferences and parties of the year; to meet and chat with the makers of the latest (and possibly greatest) video games; to have my own life and career--just so I could hug him a little more. Yes, I think Alex would want me to go! But I'm very nervous about the whole thing. Luckily, I have a huge amount of support from my husband and my mom, which makes it easier.

Alex continues to grow and change all the time. He's crawling everywhere now, and he's constantly trying to stand. So far he can stand for a few seconds on his own (once he stood for about 10 seconds, but that hasn't been repeated). He's eating a wide variety of foods now, and he finally drank his first bottle of formula this week. We'd introduced it about a week ago, after using up the last of my frozen liquid gold. He hated it at first, but now he's taking it without complaint. He must have sensed a ripple in the Force--the same hour (literally) that I resolutely decided I was going on my business trip (after waffling about it for weeks), I got a call from my mom saying he had drunk the formula for the first time. Being able to give him formula will certainly make everyone's life easier while I'm in LA.

Having the 4th of July fall on a Wednesday gets two huge thumbs DOWN in my book. The whole rhythm of the week was thrown off... this probably would have been fine but I was so insanely busy at work, I really had trouble adjusting to the day off. We had a nice barbecue at home, though.


Last weekend we celebrated Emily's 4th birthday. It was great seeing the kids after an extended absence. Emily is growing up so much. She talks all the time. The highlight was when she referred to someone who lived in our house as "Jink" as she was talking about us in the third person. (We think it was an extremely cute combo of Jennie and Nick.) I've always loved listening to that girl gab!

I got an iPhone. It's amazingly elegant and works so seamlessly. It's definitely a new cell phone experience--one that (mostly) lacks frustration. Alex likes it too.

Give. Me. The. iPhone.


stiill said...

Enjoy E3! You've got great support staff back here.

Unknown said...

yes, we will take good care of Alex. Have fun sleeping through the nights.

b said...

hope your having a great time!

Amy said...

Hope you're having a good trip. Now that I think about it, I haven't actually been away from Cameron for more than one night - so let me know how it goes!

July 4th on a Wednesday does totally suck. We went to St. Louis from Sat the 30th, returning on the 4th. All of Jeff's family was there and we had a great time. Cameron thoroughly enjoyed being around his 10 cousins!! We also saw the Police in concert which was really a blast. I was having flashbacks to 8th grade the whole time and I even called Jeremy on my cell phone (that old friend of mine whose party we went to in Oakland. He loved the Police and I always associate them with him.)

Alex is so cute! It's amazing how they seem to change a little bit almost every day, isn't it? Biggie is starting to look like a real little person now and I'm finding myself wishing he would stay this size forever.

talk to you soon


Jennifer said...

Late breaking news: I'm doing fine, but looking forward to getting home. More later!