This weekend: quick hits

Nick and I went to see Arcade Fire at the Greek Theatre on Friday night. I loved that they have a violin and a viola onstage. Tutu babysat and Alex manipulated her into getting her to pick him up after he'd gone to bed. He did this with Nick's mom as well. It's funny to see him work his charm on the grandmothers. As soon as we get home, he goes right to bed, without an argument. He knows the jig is up.

Alex started crawling! I swear he was performing for the camera, as I happened to be taking a video as he took his very first steps. He's also started grabbing his spoon as I feed him and he'll try to feed himself, if not very successfully. It's great to watch the zeal with which he tries to aim the spoon into his mouth. Emphasis on "tries."

We had a majorly full house Saturday morning.
The plumber and his workmen arrived at 8:30 am to start work installing the sink in our little water closet. Then at 10, the handyman arrived to start patching the holes that the electricians left in the walls. Around 11, Mom and her friend dropped by to meet Alex. Then, our neighbors came by to talk about some house stuff. And while they were here, we had a video chat with Nick's mom, live via Skype from Brooklyn, where she was hanging out with my sis-in-law, her boyfriend, and their friend (who were all playing Big Brain Academy multiplayer on DS--gotta love the wireless multiplayer!). It was one of those "energy" moments when it seems like everything naturally happens at once, like when it's been quiet in your house for hours, then you get a phone call, and right at that moment, you get call waiting. Alex loved all the excitement. I had to remind myself to just let things happen and not worry about perfectly coordinating everything. Sometimes you just can't.

We went to Berkeley today to hang out with Sari in Rockridge.
Wow, what a yuppie parent haven that place is. Someone stopped me and said her son had a hemangioma in exactly the same place as Alex. So I got to see what it looked like on her (gorgeous :) son, now four years old. His mom said he'd requested to have it removed, and you could see a small, faint scar. His parents said his was originally much bigger than Alex's. Then she gave me her email and said if I ever had any questions she would be happy to tell me everything she has learned. Pretty cool!

I took a nap. Most people wouldn't bother writing this down, but I'm still waking up at night with the little babe, so a nap is pretty exciting news, and this nap was officially awesome. Thank you, Nick, for encouraging me to take the nap, and thank you, Alex, for taking your own nap at the time so I could really, legitimately sleep.

This evening, after watching the second-to-last Sopranos (my money, btw, is on Tony not getting offed next week), I edited the latest EGM Live*. It was really good! Sometimes when we have to tape it during our deadline week, everyone is so exhausted that it's too low-energy. But this week, I know I at least was beyond exhausted, so I was a little loopy, and a little loopiness can be good sometimes.


Unknown said...

Rock Ridge. Hmmm is that the place near Oakland? Is that where the Rock Ridge Cafe is? I was there once, many years ago. Sounds like a nice, busy weekend. Congrats on the nap.

Amy said...

Hi Jen
Alex is SOOO cute. He looks A LOT like you , especially around the eyes and nose. And his hair is lighter! He's probably close to Cameron's size, although I do have to say Cameron has grown a bit taller as of late. He's also been walking for a few weeks and is obsessed with Jeff sweeping.
I'll e-mail some pics; I know I'm bad. I have to figure out how to use Flikr.