Father's Day outing

Father's Day outing
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I drove Nick down to Saratoga this weekend on a surprise outing to go shooting with his friend. I'm not into guns, but this seemed like a really cool Father's Day gift for any guy. I think he enjoyed it.

Is it totally sexist that I think of this as a "guy" thing? Nick really wanted me to join them, but Alex wasn't allowed on the range. I have to say I was a little relieved to have a very good excuse for not joining in the firearm fest. I think I'll do it someday, but I have to be ready. Guns scare me!

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Unknown said...

I like your new page design. That was a great Father's Day present. Guns don't necessarily scare me. The wackos who use them to kill people do. Does that sound like a sound bite for the NRA? Gad, no. Gad...GAD...I had almost forgotten that word. My sister, Fran, always said GAD. Then my dad couldn't say anything about taking the name of GOD in vain. Dear Lord, weren't we all just too quaint?