Gotta catch 'em all

I really worried that when I had a baby, my videogaming days would be numbered, but I'm happy to report that, as always, finding time to play games just depends on finding the right game to play. And nowadays, that game, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit, is the new Pokemon. It's portable, addictive, and perfect for playing in bite-sized chunks. I actually have found that as a mom, I now have a new gaming time slot that I didn't have before: in the car, when I'm sitting waiting with a sleeping Alex while Nick or my mom runs in to do whatever errand we're on. In the past, we probably would have done the errands together, but now, if the baby is sleeping, it makes more sense to do it this way. And that's giving me a lot more time to track down those elusive Pokemon. I want a Chansey!

By the way, instead of just linking to the Wikipedia entry, I have to quote a little bit of it for those who don't click away, because it's just too funny:

Chansey is a rare, egg-shaped, pink Pokémon with much fatty tissue along its sides, alongside hairlock-like outgrowths on its head. It is said to bring happiness and luck to whoever catches it (which is ironic considering the fact that Chansey is number 113, though, in Japan, 13 does not have the same significance it has in the United States). It has a pouch on its belly as a marsupial animal would, and in this pouch it always keeps a special egg. These eggs, several of which are laid daily by Chansey, are both nutritious and delicious to the point where they are eagerly consumed even by people who do not have an appetite.

Those eggs make up Chansey's "Softboiled" attack, which I love. I gotta catch one!


stiill said...

The GBA Pokemon games (Ruby is the one I played, I think) were too slow for me: lots of trivial turn-based combat, a la Final Fantasy 3. Have they improved that with recent entries?

Jennifer said...

yeah, it's still pretty much all turn-based and very slow-paced. You can also level up pretty quickly so that you'll never lose a battle. But the variety of Pokemon and skills makes multiplayer tactics very fun, and that's what's motivating me to keep playing single-player. Unfortunately, there's no reward for winning in multiplayer, except the glory, which is pretty sweet.