Sign #2 you're getting old

(We all know Sign #1 is wrinkles!)

Sign #2, however, is that you can get nostalgic for multiple decades of music. It was probably when I was graduating from high school in 1990 that I realized what decade nostalgia is. I probably heard a song by the Cocteau Twins ("Lorelei" definitely does it) or the Psychedelic Furs ("Heaven") or, sheesh, even "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. As I found myself overcome with fondness, bittersweet memories, melancholy, happiness, sweet regrets, and--that favorite nostalgic emotion--a certain je ne sais quoi, I realized that an era had passed.

Well, Live 105's Resurrection Sunday had a '90s mix recently, and I started feeling really old. See, these songs brought back strong and vivid memories of an era when I was already distinctly an adult, and, clearly, already capable of feeling nostalgic. I was working at MTV and, naturally, many of these songs evoked a palpable (yet still ineffable) je ne sais quoi from that precious time gone by. Layers of nostalgia? Nostalgia within nostalgia? Definitely means you're getting old!

Here are a few of the songs that did it:

Foo Fighters "My Hero"
Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight"
Beck "I'm a Loser"
Everclear "Santa Monica"

(Random ME trivia: I've interviewed two out of the four artists mentioned in the '90s list, and one out of the three from my '80s list. Not bad!)


Unknown said...

hey, you're not getting older, you're getting better :)

Elizabeth said...

I was in the bay area at the end of last week. Driving around in the rental car, I noticed that 99.7 was programmed into the rental car. I flipped to that during commercials on KFOG, hoping for some Beatles or something I could sing along to. The first song I heard was "Whoomp There It Is." Which was popular I think when I was in junior high. It took me awhile to realize that KFRC had changed their format and that music from the early '90s didn't actually count as oldies.

Jennifer said...

that is hilarious!