April stuff

Lately I've been busy and whenever I have free time, I am either watching TV, playing videogames, or doing both simultaneously. I have plenty of things to write about, but little energy to write. Writing requires a certain type of focus that I just don't seem to have much of right now. I find myself falling behind even in simple email responses. I hope the situation is temporary.

Alex is almost 7 months old now and I can't believe it. He's the greatest little person. Tutuhoneygram says he's an optimist. My friend Anna (the one from NYC, if you're keeping track) says he's "in touch with the theatrical side of life." He expresses such delight and joy in the simplest things. The past few day or two, he's started letting out these big sighs. Even the sighs just sound adorable and happy. I take him to Weight Watchers with me (12.4 pounds down!) and he just basically flirts with everybody there by beaming these huge grins across the room.

We've been doing a lot of stuff lately. Last Saturday, we took him to the (somewhat horrible) Moscow Cat Theatre. He was vaguely interested at first, but he got bored pretty quickly (he must have good taste) and slept through most of it. Later that day, he went to his first "fancy" restaurant and sat in a high chair... (Mmmm...meat on sticks!--absent-minded me forgot the camera...) We actually didn't intend to take him to a "fancy" restaurant; the restaurant we went to had gotten considerably fancier in the year since we were last there. We also went to Sari's Easter brunch, and the big news was that Alex napped off-site, in his car seat in one of the rooms of her (enormous, gorgeous) new house. Later that day, when we visited Michael, Alex napped in Thomas's crib. He's even getting pretty good at napping in his own crib during the day. I guess the kid is just tired!

Work is going well, but it's hard trying to do everything in fewer hours. I don't have time to run errands during the day or chat on the phone like I used to. Every minute I spend doing something personal is time I could be spending with Alex before or after work, so I tend to just leave that all for later and condense my true "work" into a slightly shorter day. Especially with this podcast thing I'm trying to do on top of my regular job. Argh!

And I'm really excited to report that our tree didn't die over the winter! We planted a tree this summer with Friends of the Urban Forest, and it's deciduous, so all winter it looked quite bare. We watered it as much as we could, but it was hard to stay motivated when you could hardly tell whether or not it was even alive. That's the beauty of gardening, though. About two weeks ago, we started to see little buds appearing, and now it is full of leaves. I can't wait to watch it grow... which is how I feel about something else in my life!

This picture isn't that great, but it was taken today, and look how cute that sleeping baby in my lap is! I wanted Nick to take a picture of him in his little snow suit because he's starting to outgrow it and we might not get to dress him in it much longer.


Mary Tsao said...

Glad to hear everything's going well, Jennie! You're looking very slim -- congrats on your weight loss. Isn't springtime wonderful? I've decided that it's my favorite season.

Jennifer said...

Has Alex learned to sleep in the kennel yet? I see it has Aunt Nancy's colorful blanket on top! Ha ha of course;and sorry for all the mess dragged into your house so my dogs don't cause too much trouble! Love, Your Favorite Nanny, tutu

Jennifer said...

hi tutu. we don't mind the "mess" of your dogs at all. Alex really loves watching those two dogs play.

Thanks, Mary. This week I actually got back into pre-pregnancy clothes!