Working Mother Against...

Right now, as a working mother, I am officially against:

-Daylight savings.
-Getting home one hour before your baby's bedtime.
-Feeling constantly behind in every aspect of life.
-Pumping for 1/2 an hour to yield a single ounce.
-Feeling stressed about pumping.
-Knowing that feeling stressed about pumping isn't making pumping any more successful.
-Getting into a groove at work only to realize you have to go pump unsuccessfully.
-PG&E's broken bill pay system.
-Wells Fargo's mysterious monthly charges that continually appear even though they're so not supposed to.
-Prose blogging (takes too long).
-Misogynists of any age (youth is not an excuse).
-People who ride the elevator for one floor.
-People who call to follow-up on emails.
-Gap jeans labelled "Long and Lean" that fit me when jeans labelled "Curvy" don't. (Anyone who knows me knows I am the complete opposite of Long and Lean, and until this weekend I have never picked up a pair of Long and Lean Gap jeans because I've figured they wouldn't fit. But the ones that sound like they should fit me don't fit me. Meanwhile these Long and Lean jeans I tried on by accident are very comfortable. No wonder Gap is failing.)
-But mostly just daylight savings.


Sarah Goss said...

Yes! And, at this moment, I especially say "amen" to the disapproval for Daylight Savings and people who ride the elevator for one floor ONLY. And all the ones about pumping.

Re. daylight savings: it has totally thrown the baby off her sleep schedule. Grrrrrr.

Elizabeth said...

-I am having the same issue with the Gap Long & Leans. Why do they fit me? I am neither.

-We ditched Wells Fargo because of mysterious charges. Oh, and the time they printed the wrong number on our checks and all the bills that we had paid kept bouncing. While we were out of the country.

-I walked up stairs when I only had to go one floor when I was 9 months pregnant just to prove a point. I don't know who I was trying to prove it to.

-Sorry pumping is sucking.

-But I kind of like the time change.

Sarah Goss said...

My thing with the elevator is that I sometimes have to use it at the college where I work because I have my stroller with me. I get on and am crowded in with dozens of able-bodied young college students who get off on the very next floor... or sometimes have to wait for another elevator because so many are taking it one flight up. It is a pet peeve :-)

Jennifer said...

rrr...just returned from a horrible pumping session. thanks for the compassion.

Elizabeth: I was like that at 9 mos. pregnant too! And I'm about to walk over to WF to close my accounts and register my "customer feedback."

Sarah: I agree, people don't seem to be able to move out of the way for people with strollers. Weird. Maybe it's the same infliction that makes them unable to walk up (or down!) one flight of stairs!

Unknown said...

AMEN!!! My clocks are still all screwed up and I still feel a little weird when I wake up INTHEDARK. But light evenings are great. I'm finally getting to know my neighbors.

Lisa said...

I'm pumping right now. I feel your pain! Although I like daylight savings time, because it means I can take the baby for a walk after work.

Jennifer said...

ok, you all have me appreciating daylight savings. maybe it's just that I finally caught up on sleep!

Unknown said...

As someone who doesn't have kids I can't relate to most, but still am sorry that you are so stressed. Still I agree about daylight savings times!