HD vs. regular TV

We have a gigantic TV and a high-def channel package, so we can choose to watch a regular version or an HD version when shows are broadcast in both.

Dancing With the Stars is broadcast in HD. And I'm watching it.

That I'm watching it is a little weird in itself, but it's not why I'm writing. The weird thing is that I discovered that high-def TV doesn't add 10 lbs the way regular TV does. We were watching Paulina Porizkova's performance on regular TV, and Nick came in and switched over to the HD version. Paulina went from looking positively chubby to the svelte supermodel she is. Nick and I both noticed it and did a double-take.

I think I'm voting for Leeza Gibbons to be the first eliminated, not because I don't like her (though her Goddess Party montage was certainly memorable) but because I think I like everyone (either the celebs or their perky pro-dance partners) a little better. Leeza and her guy are just a bit bland.


What I did this weekend

I'm so tired. I want to write but I have so little energy. I'm really sad the weekend's over. Because I remember that when I blogged every day in November it felt like time was going really slowly, I'm going to put something down here in an effort to try to slow down time and make it all seem a little less fleeting.

This weekend, I put curtains up in Alex's room. This involved rehanging the curtain rod not once, but twice; making two trips to Lowe's for supplies; and, ultimately, being satisfied with mismatched hardware so as to avoid a third trip to Lowe's and having to take down the curtains a third time.

This weekend, I ate dinner at Ikea. Not at the nice mid-store cafeteria, but at the mini-mart-esque food stand at the exit. But it's OK. Tutu and I had a nice time and actually got a lot done on the trip.

This weekend, I went to my tax guy and got scolded for arriving 20 minutes late. I got sent home with a bunch of homework and still have a lot of work to do to get all the required info.

This weekend, I had a lovely dinner at Rose's Cafe on Union Street (after the meeting with the tax guy). Tutu, Nick, Alex, Teddy, Tuffy, and I all sat outside under a warm heater. We drank wine, ate mozzarella di bufala, polenta, beets, and yummy desserts. I did not count Weight Watchers points.

This weekend, I fed my 6-month-old mashed bananas, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. He's so good in every way. He loves to eat!

This weekend, I watered my plants.

This weekend, I missed the Amazing Race because my TiVo messed up.

I did other things, but those were what came to mind. And I leave you with this...


Working Mother For...

This little guy:

I mean, seriously, how cute is that? He loves getting undressed for his nightly bath. Taking off his shirt is a guaranteed smile. I'll put up with a lot of BS in life for this little person.

Working Mother Against...

Right now, as a working mother, I am officially against:

-Daylight savings.
-Getting home one hour before your baby's bedtime.
-Feeling constantly behind in every aspect of life.
-Pumping for 1/2 an hour to yield a single ounce.
-Feeling stressed about pumping.
-Knowing that feeling stressed about pumping isn't making pumping any more successful.
-Getting into a groove at work only to realize you have to go pump unsuccessfully.
-PG&E's broken bill pay system.
-Wells Fargo's mysterious monthly charges that continually appear even though they're so not supposed to.
-Prose blogging (takes too long).
-Misogynists of any age (youth is not an excuse).
-People who ride the elevator for one floor.
-People who call to follow-up on emails.
-Gap jeans labelled "Long and Lean" that fit me when jeans labelled "Curvy" don't. (Anyone who knows me knows I am the complete opposite of Long and Lean, and until this weekend I have never picked up a pair of Long and Lean Gap jeans because I've figured they wouldn't fit. But the ones that sound like they should fit me don't fit me. Meanwhile these Long and Lean jeans I tried on by accident are very comfortable. No wonder Gap is failing.)
-But mostly just daylight savings.