What I did today

I am finding myself unable to post "real" blog posts, so instead I'll just write the simple stuff so I can write something rather than nothing.

Today was a wonderful day. I woke up pretty early, around 7 am with Alex. We hung out in bed for a short while, dozing off and on until he fell back to sleep. He looks so adorable when he sleeps. Tutu arrived early and we made coffee and ate breakfast together (well, I ate and she drank coffee). Nick joined us, and I had Alex in the Ergo baby carrier, the latest "babywearing" contraption I've obtained. I tell you, eating breakfast as a family rules!

I was all stressed out about getting to work on time because it was our last day of deadline. The day wasn't busy, per se, but there were just a lot of little things to deal with. At about 11 am, I had to go downstairs to the Peet's in my building to get a very strong latte, after which I lectured our intern on the importance of proofreading for a good 5 minutes until I realized I'd been talking for 5 minutes (at least) about the importance of proofreading. I caught myself and apologized, admitting to everyone that I was high as a kite on some very strong coffee. Then I told them that proofreading was, all the same, really important, especially when you change a file after the copy-edit stage, dammit! (On my way to Peet's I ran into my cousin, Katy. I took 5 minutes to chat with her and catch up, because I hadn't seen her since before the baby.)

For lunch, I had a leftover burrito. (This is an accomplishment worth noting only because I managed not to eat the whole burrito for dinner last night.) We had a fun discussion at lunch about gaming message boards and the strange type of person who posts on them. And I'm using "strange" as a euphemism, here.

The next few hours were the most stressful of my day, because it's when a few rogue files can throw off the whole production schedule. In this case, it was a couple of reviews and the Table of Contents. The TOC is a page that will make you want to shoot yourself. The aforementioned intern has the bad luck of being responsible for that page too, and he got another lecture about it, but not from me (thank god). Even though we'd had 99% of the book signed off, we still managed to get our last pages done mere minutes before the FedEx deadline for shipping the proofs to the printer. But once they were done, I started the EGM "slow clap." (The "slow clap" is a tradition at my work they developed while I was out on maternity leave. When someone does something good, one person starts clapping, slowly. Others join in. The clapping speeds up. Before you know it, the whole corner of the office is clapping (even people in other departments, even if you don't quite always know what you're clapping for). It's fun/funny and always raises spirits.) Then, I left work a few minutes early, because everything was done! (All this, and I didn't even get to mention the Rascal that someone had at the office today that was the source of endless hijinks.)

I came home to find Alex asleep on Tutu's lap (he's so lucky!). When I picked him up, he awoke, the happiest baby on the block, for sure. My mom headed home, and because it was still light out, I took Alex for a little walk in the Ergo carrier. He whimpered a little, maybe because of the carrier, or the cold (though I did have a hat on him), or the sights and sounds of the city. But we were only out for about 20 minutes. We got home and sang some songs together ("Ole ole, ole ole, ole ole, ole ole, feeling HOT HOT HOT!"), then Nick got home and we all had dinner. (Eating dinner as a family rules, too!)

Then we put Alex to bed, I caught up on some TV and email, watched the Ergo demo video, flossed my teeth (twice :), and blogged. And now I'm going to listen to some little baby breaths before I go to sleep.


Mary Tsao said...

I'm sure I've told you this, but I truly believe that posts like this one will be the ones you and your offspring will most want to re-read twenty years from now. The real deal!

The slow clap makes me laugh; I might have to give it a try sometime. Perhaps it will become a new trend, kind of like saying, "WASSSUUUP" or the new WoW funny, "LEEE ROYYY JENNNKINNS."

Eating together definitely does rule.

Sarah Goss said...

I can't get past the part where Alex sleeps past 7! Oh, how I wish for such luck.

Let me know if the Ergo demo video actually helps you convert the thing back and forth. I go in to Day One every time and ask them to convert it for me!!

Jennifer said...

Mary, I remember you saying that, and I am in total agreement!

Sarah, when I first watched the video, everything looked so easy, but then when I tried doing any of the moves, I felt like I needed to watch it again. So maybe...not so helpful?