The Pouch

No, not the Kangaroo Corner adjustable fleece pouch, which sometimes carries my baby. This one carries my cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, keys, and, on certain occasions, DS Lite. You might recognize it as a "fanny pack," and this week it came to into the public eye when I wore it during the taping of my work podcast, EGM Live*, and my colleagues decided to make fun of me for wearing it. Such a "mom" thing, they said.

I argued with them. This is the most fashion-forward pouch they would ever have the fortune to behold. This is a designer pouch the likes of which their nerdy gamer fashion senses would have no ability to appreciate. This pouch has a mesh pocket designed specifically to hold a cell phone. It has a picture of a baby riding a rainbow on it, for cryin' out loud! It's not a fanny pack--it's a hip pouch, and I mean hip in the, y'know, hip sense! Because I'm a hipster. (Get it? Anyone? Is this what trying too hard sounds like?)

But deep down, I knew they were right. My Tokidoki for LeSportSac utility belt may be very sleekly designed with the most darling pattern this side of Harajuku, but it's still basically a fanny pack. And that is a mom thing. (Actually, in my family, it's more of a "parent" thing, because both my mom and dad wear them.) So yeah, I've joined the mom ranks, and I've done it proudly. Here's the picture I posted on my work blog:

That's what my fanny pack looks like, and I wouldn't wear it any other way.

But I'm staying far, far, FAR away from the mom jeans.


Anna said...

Oh, yes, stay away from the mom jeans!

And, as much as I don't enjoy fanny packs, I do think yours is trendy and cool.

Unknown said...


Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're both on my side, fashion-wise :)

Anonymous said...

Very very cute , gotta love some TokiDoki.

Nukegirl said...

Anything Tokidoki is fashion forward, as far as I'm concerned! You go, girl.