Am I losing my mind?

I wrote a great post, full of links, entitled "Awesome Breastfeeding Links." In it, I linked to three articles over at Lakeline's Thoughts. I remember very clearly writing it, checking the links, publishing it, and getting emailed a notification about its publication.

And yet, the post doesn't appear to exist.

I mean, I knew I was sleep-deprived, but this is truly mystifying. I didn't dream it, because my dreams are never that vivid. (Though my dream last night that Tom Brady wanted me to have his children was memorable, to say the least.) It's not in my drafts. The email notification is not in my inbox. Either I thought it was published, but my Firefox hung (which happens) and I am conflating that email notification with some other blog email notification. Or...well, that's the only possible explanation. Which bothers me, a lot. I am really not one to blame technical glitches. I know they exist, but I pride myself on being aware of them and rectifying them immediately. I don't like being surprised that a post I thought had been published for days, in fact, doesn't even exist.

I intend to "re"publish it, but first I need to take a moment to just stop and say...


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Sarah said...

I call these episodes slips in the time stream, or reality stream. Sometimes I think I have been blipped over to another one. Recently it seemed that something changed color overnight --- from baby blue to brown. My officemates insisted it had always been brown --- except for one girl, Jackie, who also remembered it being baby blue. No one could agree. Your episode is even more mysterious.