Is it possible that I was carrying all this today? It seems not, and yet this is the pile of crap I dumped at the top of the stairs when I finally made it home today at 8pm. Sure, I'd left work at 4pm, hung out at my mom's for an hour, gone to Weight Watchers, then gone out to dinner at a lovely restaurant called Woodhouse Fish Company. Meaning, it wasn't all work from 9am to 8pm. But there was an aspect of working-mom-ness to the whole day that was definitely reflected in the amount of STUFF I had to carry home by the end of the day. In this pile of crap, you'll find my wallet, which I lost not once, but twice, in the last 36 hours. In this pile of crap, you'll find not one, but two refrigerated cooler bags filled with not one, but two blue ice packets. In this pile of crap, you'll find not one, but two types of baby bottles, some empty and some full. Along with a laptop. And a water bottle. And a breast pump. With all its accompanying paraphernalia. Also, a credit card floating around unaccounted for. And a pay stub. And—what's that I hear? an MP3 ringtone! (the Pogues' "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" so it could be anyone)—somewhere deep in a crevice, unobtainable, especially when ringing, a cell phone. And a Baby Bjorn. And one sweatshirt that doesn't work well for breastfeeding, plus another that works better. You'll even find a tote bag filled with other tote bags. And that's just the big stuff.

What you won't find is a baby. That eighteen-pounder is in my other hand.

Like I said, working-mom-ness. Not an elegant word, which makes it all the more appropriate.


Carrie S said...

I can SO relate. My shoulders hurt just looking at that.

Sarah Goss said...

OOOOh yeah. I relate too. I can't believe the amount of stuff I have to carry out the door with me every day. And packing for an overnight trip? Forget about it. It's going to get so much worse when I start work again next week.

I always bring at least two alternate carrying systems for the baby, in case she gets fed up with being in the stroller. And now I have to remember toys, since she's gotten to an age where she has to be grabbing something at all times. (That's on top of diaper bag, purse, bottle-carrier, and breastpump and parts now that I'm going back to work.) No wonder I have a backache every night.

Mary Tsao said...

All I want to know is... is the pile still there? Also, it would have been funny if you propped Alex up on top of it. Next time! ;)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend planned!

Unknown said...

Ouch! This is why, as a nannygram, I really prefer to go where the baby is, instead of having him delivered to my door. Babies need so much stuff! Maybe now that the house is free of workmen and all their works and pomps (drills, ladders, odd-smelling oil and falling plaster) baby can remove his little hard hat and we can resume his care at home. But the breast pump I can't do anything about! Or the after-hours work work.

Jennifer said...

I haven't even contemplated travel yet...and toys?!

yes, aching back and shoulders are an inevitable consequence.

yesterday someone saw me with all my stuff and asked if I was coming from the airport.


stiill said...

Alex seriously needs to edit his lifestyle. That dude is so extravagant.

(BTW, my "word verification" is spelling a very dirty word. You'd think they'd check for that!)