Happiness Exercise

Because I'm too tired to even contemplate writing anything real today, I'm going to focus on three good things that happened today:

1. Nick moved the little red chair from my mom's car into Alex's room. This little red chair has been through several of my mom's moves, having stayed at various times with her, my brother, and now us. It's that "comfy old chair" you just love to sit in, and I'm happy to be its guardian for the time being, especially since it will be in Alex's room and I'll get to rock him in it. Nick carried it up our stairs all by himself.

2. My mom stayed long enough and Nick got home early enough for us to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune together, which is a new evening ritual I love. Nick and I watched Jeopardy and Wheel when I was in labor and needed easy, quick distraction, and I think I'll always associate it now with that special moment in my life. These shows are much, much more fun when watched in the company of others, and Tutu and Nick are the perfect buddies for this.

3. I balanced the checkbook, and we're in the black—always a good thing after the holidays.


Unknown said...

it was a good day for me, too, and alex will thank you some day for the journal of his first years.

Mary Tsao said...

Happy New Year! Sorry we missed Alex's familial debut. It sounded like fun.

Anna said...

I like the happiness exercises. I'm thinking I should do them more often.

I have found memories of watching Jeopardy with a friend in Santa Cruz. I'm terrible at trivia games, but it was fun simply watching it with him. I hope you get to enjoy lots of those moments with your family!

Jennifer said...

thanks tutu, mary, and ann!

Hello from Julia said...

I'm browsing around to see if anyone else has done Three Good Things. Check out my blog inspired in part by the UPenn study. It's a fun observation exercise. Link up if you or anyone you know has blogged this concept. Best wishes and Cheers, -Julia - http://3for365.blogspot.com