Five things

I'm tagging myself here because I feel like it. That's the beauty of blogs.

Here are five things you don't know about me, and I'm trying really hard to make these things that I am certain I haven't told anybody!

1. Lately I've started really enjoying the sound of a small group of people clapping. There's something reassuring and sweet about it. I also think it might have something to do with watching a lot of Wheel of Fortune on my maternity leave.

2. I do the Hocus Focus puzzle (the one where you find the six differences between two almost identical comic panels) in the Sunday comics section. And since Nick may already know that fact, I'll add something he doesn't know: sometimes I can't find the six differences without peeking at the answers.

3. I floss my teeth not once but twice. Unless I don't floss at all, which is about 10% of the time.

4. Mentally, I feel like I am back at my pre-pregnancy size. It's only when I absent-mindedly try to put on certain pre-pregnancy clothes, and they don't fit, that I realize I still have a lot of weight to lose.

5. I've been seeing phantom gray hairs when I look in the mirror. I hope this is sleep-deprivation-induced and not premonitory.

5.1 I often look up words before I use them in writing, even if I'm 99% sure I know what they mean. Like "premonitory."

And because nobody tagged me, I'll just leave it at that. That's the beauty of blogs.


Carrie S said...

Bonus! That was 6 things!

Amy said...

Hi Jen
Look at me commenting on your blog. But first let me say that I wrote a whole other comment and it got erased because I had to sign up either with blogger or google—which I did.
I read your past entries so here are my collective comments, the edited version.
-How cool that you went to your college radio station reunion!
-Our apartment is always slightly messy - much to Jeff's dismay. I guess I don't have the same organization/neatness inclinations as he does. Plus I'm too tired to bother when I get home and on the weekends, I really do relish time to do "nothing." (Which isn't very often when you're watching a 91/2 month old who could win a crawling derby!) That's the craziness of crawling - you can't really get too much done when baby's around unless he's sleeping or you trap him in something (like a bouncy seat or baby einstein exersaucer - which Cameron will only tolerate for so long.)
-YOU TOOK ALEX TO A MOVIE???? And he was quiet the whole time? Did you get dirty looks? Geez. You seriously must have the easiest baby on earth. I think you should call him EBE for that. Or that'll be my nickname for him!!!
In NYC, they have special matinee movies for moms with babies.
Enough said.


Unknown said...

here's a comment to a comment: Dear, darling little Amy, Absolutely DONT worry about the state of your messy apartment! You are a working mother and messiness just isn't anywhere NEAR the top of the priority list. If Jeff is bothered, let Jeff clean up the mess. You have your priorities perfectly straight: spend time with Cameron (he is such a cutie--I saw his Holiday card picture--he's a little movie star to be...watch out Brad Pitt! love, jeni's mom

Jennifer said...

I love how Amy's comment gets more comments than most of my blog posts. Way to go Amy!

Jennifer said...

p.s. thanks for the comment amy! I agree with my mom that Cameron is very dashing :)