Exactly as planned

This week was busy. We are still working out the right schedule with everyone (Tutu, Nick, me, and Alex--we all have our own needs and wants). Plus, we have electricians working on our house, which adds another level of coordination since they have all these unexpected problems we need to deal with. Then there's the holiday letdown. It's always sad dismantling the Christmas tree and putting all the decorations into storage for another year.

Even the weekend ended up filled with activities: Friday night Nick and I left Alex with SuperTutu and went out on our second childfree night, to our friends' house for dinner, and even though I only drank two glasses of wine, I felt terrible the next morning when I met Carrie at the Metreon to see Dreamgirls. I brought Alex with me, and while it was nice having him along, it did add a level of effort to what would otherwise have been pure entertainment. (Can't complain too much, though; he's really a great baby.) Saturday night I left Alex again and went to my college radio station, KZSU, which was having a 60-year reunion of a bunch of old friends (very fun).

So today I was happy to have only a few things planned: stay in my pajamas all day (well, I did change once...into a more comfy set of pajamas!), do laundry (have I mentioned how much I love our newly organized laundry room?), watch football with Nick (the Patriots won), play one of my review games for work (a stress-free party game), and hang out with Alex (the best thing on my to-do list, by far). I love having a day that turns out just as I planned it.


Unknown said...

oh, i'm glad the radio station party was fun i always liked all those kids/people

Carrie S said...

Thank you for meeting me despite your hangover! It was the best part of my weekend!!