Puffy White Jacket

I have this jacket I got four or five years ago at Old Navy. It was cheap. It's made out of polyester. It's a couple sizes too big. It's gotten really dingy over the years. And it's the best damned winter jacket I have ever owned.

The jacket is white, and it's waterproof. It's got zippered pockets on the inside and outside. It has a hood. It's fleecy on the inside and filled with some fake downy material, so it's very warm. Because it's white, I feel like it's safer to wear when I'm riding my scooter in the winter. (I have anecdotal evidence that this is true; coworkers have mentioned that they saw me on my scooter, and they recognized me because of my Puffy White Jacket.)

I got it one winter when I was visiting my friend in snowy Seattle. (For the record, she thought it was hideous and advised against my purchase. I defied her and have never regretted it.) I've worn it on winter trips to New York, Edmonton, Sedona, Paris, and Shanghai. At the end of every winter, I get incredibly sick of it and feel like it's expired, tired, and ready to be retired. I spend the next year looking for a replacement. Every jacket I find either isn't warm enough, doesn't have the zippered pockets, lacks a hood, isn't waterproof, etc. I've looked far and wide--on all those aforementioned trips, I search. But none of those pretenders I find has quite the combination of useful attributes as Puffy White Jacket.

The rainy season has hit San Francisco. Puffy White Jacket, literally, rides again. Check back in at the end of the winter to see how I'm feeling.


Unknown said...

i love that jacket. it looks pretty on you. i didn't know about the safety factor, so now i love it even more.

Sarah said...

OMG! I have always secretly coveted White Puffy Jacket, or at least thought you looked so fab in it that I was envious! Now that I know it is part of your Scooter SafetyWear though (along with neon orange helmet, am I right?), I think it is the perfect "winter white" for you, New Mom Jennie.