My turn to pray

A couple days ago, I asked others to pray for me. Now it's my turn to pray for the Kim family. What a tragedy, one that hits very, very close to home. They're not just from San Francisco; they're from Noe Valley, my favorite neighborhood in the city, my first choice for errands, shopping, and hanging out in general. James Kim was not just an editor; he was, like me, a technology editor, and for CNET, which is right down the street from my work and where a bunch of people I know work. They weren't just a family with two kids; they're a family with two half-Asian kids and a mom who's breastfeeding an infant. There are just lots of little coincidental similarities that makes it feel like I know them, even though I don't. I feel strangely able to imagine the debates or arguments or discussions they had right before James decided to head out into the freezing wilderness, and the worries and desperation Kati must have felt waiting and waiting and waiting for his return that never came. I rarely identify with tragedies I hear about in the news, but this one just feels way too close. So I'm praying for them, and I hope they get through this tragedy OK.


Anonymous said...

This hit people I've spoken to pretty hard as well. It's like...it could have happened to any one of us. One wrong turn, one bad decision...WHAM. I am thankful that Kati and the little girls are alive, but it's heart-wrenching that the husband/father died trying to save them all.

Unknown said...

Too many fatherless families in our world. This is so sad. I will be praying for them, too. Thanks to James for leaving them with so many happy memories.