Good stuff that happened today

Continuing in the tradition of deliberate happiness, I have decided to ruminate on a couple of good things that happened today:

  • I got my scooter tuned up and rode it to the dentist. It is so wonderful to be back on an efficient mode of transportation in this city with so few transportation options. I love passing Muni buses. It feels so, so good.
  • I ordered a new helmet. (I had to special order the color I wanted--a very very bright orange, to be as visible as possible!)
  • The dentist told me I had unusually healthy gums and that my son has a dental prognosis of "at least excellent."
  • I managed to write a birthday poem for my nephew, despite having waited until the last possible moment to start working on it.
  • I got to eat honey-baked ham, beef stroganoff, and potatoes au gratin.
  • I successfully encouraged my dad to start using his new digital camera.
  • I wrote my first post on beta.blogger.com! (Wait, didn't Blogger start out in Beta? Oh, Google...)
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