Being a working mom

Also known as, burning the candle at both ends.

Lately my life feels utterly chaotic. Getting all the logistics set up for going to work and having my mom take care of my baby is way harder than I anticipated. I knew the work part was going to be complicated, and I warned my boss that it was going to take some time for me to get all my systems set up. Lucky for me, my boss and coworkers are all being super understanding and cooperative. I also knew that it would take some time to work out a schedule with Tutu, and, again, lucky for us, she's being really flexible and supportive. On top of that, Nick has been lending a hand wherever it's needed, whether that's preparing bottles the night before, getting gas for the scooter, or even just emptying the dishwasher...stuff like that. AND I have what some might call an "easy" baby. If, even with these "best" of circumstances, I'm still stressed out and kinda a mess, all I can figure is that being a working mother requires superhuman strength and efficiency.


Unknown said...

oh, yeah, you've got it so right. but at the end of the day, it's worth it!
and baby will appreciate it so much...someday.

Unknown said...

Thanks for adding to the Christmas celebration. It was cozy, fun, and much better because you and Nick and Alex were here. Nick, there are only three of the extra special cookies left!!