Random observations

Here's what I want to know: In Lost, is the guy playing the "Other" who was going to shoot Sawyer the same guy who played Tommy, the jerky beefcake boyfriend in the 1983 movie Valley Girl? He kinda looks like a much older, heftier version. Let's look it up on IMDB, shall we?


(Oh, and the episodes they showed so far this "season"? Weak!)

P.S. OMG, I couldn't post this on November 8 because Blogger was down, with this funny error message:

"This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate."

For some reason that message conjures up in my mind the image of a lonely geek sitting in a quiet cubicle in the deserted Googleplex with his pager going off, walking over to a server, rebooting it, and quietly returning to his cubicle for more late-night workaholism. If the message didn't mention "an engineer," I'd probably think there were greater Googlesque forces at work to fix this problem. But that solitary engineer must be hard at work. (He'd better do something besides rebooting, though, because the damn server has been down now for god knows how long.)

(This post was in fact written on November 8, though. As I was watching Lost, in case you hadn't figured that out already.)


Unknown said...

oh, i wondered why my posts weren't posting. he he. actually, i'm about to pack up my computer for the big move to CA

Unknown said...

wow. good eye, on the lost guy, i mean.